Small Businesses

‘Small business’ is a generic, loose term and can include all types of company, from a one-man band to a multi-million pound turnover business. We have worked alongside all sizes of business during every stage of their life cycle and can apply our vast expertise to your own situation.

What you’re probably looking for from your accountant are ways to save money and pay as little tax as you legally need to. We offer much more than that and will be the first to help you whenever you need it.

Whether you are looking to grow, increase your profitability, diversify or exit, we can support you every step of the way.

Business Startups

Making the difference between success and failure in launching and establishing new business ventures.

Statistics for new business start-ups regularly tell us of alarmingly high casualty rates in the early stages of operating activity. The same data also tells us that with the right kind of professional advice and guidance, the chances of success for a new business enterprise are improved beyond measure.

Our aim at JCS is to ensure that every business we are associated with does succeed. Whatever size of enterprise you may be considering, whether small or involving major capital investment, we will provide you with all the advice and support that you need to help your business start off on the right foot.

We will help you with all the key issues at the crucial planning stage – raising finance, developing a business plan, forecasting profitability and projecting cash flow. We will guide you on important decisions such as whether to form a limited company and dealing with necessities such as book-keeping and taxation. Our IT specialists are also on hand should you need advice about installing and developing a suitable computerised accounting system.

Everything we do will help ensure that your business is geared to achieving optimum efficiency. Our guidance will help you achieve your goals in establishing and maintaining a successful business.

          • Company formation
          • Preparation of business plans
          • Raising finance
          • Registration with tax and VAT authorities
          • Book-keeping advice and support
          • IT advice and systems development