Accountancy for IT Contractors

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IT is a major industry for contractors, as work is frequently project based and you might not necessarily be needed permanently. A company might need a set of skills just for an installation or upgrade so only  use interim staff. Navigating all the business and tax options as an IT contractor can be time consuming and confusing, so using a specialist IT contractor accountant has many benefits.

At JCS Associates, we work with many IT contractors like you, so we can offer straightforward and personalised advice regarding your finances. There are many decisions for you to make and issues to consider, and many of the solutions will be based on the kinds of contracts you work on.

IR35 can become a particular issue for IT contractors, especially when contracts are extended. At JCS Associates  this is a particular area of expertise for us.

If you’d like to have a no obligation chat with one of our advisers about your IR35 status, get in touch today. Call us on 01252 812345 or email

In our experience, some areas of IR35 compliance are most efficiently handled with the input of specialists and to make this available as cost-effectively as possible to our clients with have teamed up with Qdos Contractor.
This partnership allows us to offer our contractors the following services: